Survival Of The Fittest

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

When you hear these words what comes to mind?

Well whatever you think, it is correct! Why? Because this pertains TO YOU. Yes, you and your preparedness for what may come your way, in order to succeed or survive, you must be ready. I say PREPARED......

What are you being prepared for

"right now" so you can be the fittest, and have the end results that are in your favor. it starts with you.....

While in training the learning curve is how much you retain and are able to APPLY, especially in a pinch when there's no time to slow down what is coming at you... What do you DO?

Before thinking of a plan

Let's take a step back and say

YES, Yes to the Lord who is in the process of what is NEXT. And making you FIT to run the race, stand the test walk through valley, and know you are not alone!!! you can WIN, Yes you CAN make it with HIM ~ with GOD on your side!!!!

If you want to look at this TOPIC "survival of the fittest".... Please join me. Take time to journal your thoughts and concerns about it, And meet me here on this post!

Megan J. Thank you and Gods continued Blessings!!! I am excited to see what is shared with this thought in mind....

"How to succeed" in life's ups & downs. Ecclesiastics 9:11

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