Have you ever felt like something you had or was doing was SOOOO GOOD You wanted to hold onto it, and you felt afraid that it would END or STOP!!!!! So you walked Away from it in thought or in deed.... WHY? Because of the saying if "It's TO GOOD to be True" ...it ain't!... Well know this, there is a goodnesses that ONLY GOD can bring, shift you into or open up to you AND in full force!!!. The Bible is full of this TRUTH and the lives of many all around us, even in times we felt that we didn't deserve His goodnesses towards us but was Grateful that He thinks of us. ENCOURAGEMENT: Hold onto Gods unchanging hand!!!! Hold on to the Blessings and the benefits He has for you and your life and MOST OF ALL know He does not change😀but will allow you to grow in His Grace everyday🙏🏾🔥

James 1:17 A Focus and reminder of WHO GOD IS ❤️💛💜

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