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a little more about who we are, what we do, and are doing to make a difference in the world around us in our homes, with our families, and with everyone we meet.


We are a group & community of Women sharing a Vision and being a voice for all to hear. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends, extending ourselves with what we know and open to learning by giving an ear to those who will speak!

Our Story

The story begins with me Megan J, Blessed to grow up with a strong faith and church background where my mother was a Minister, a compassionate woman of God, who had so much love for family and friends even people who started off as strangers quickly were not. Due to her natural ability to care with the heart & spirit of the Lord, she showed me by example the importance of giving what God instills in people who are open to receive. Truly she was a Sister's Keeper to many women, also a point of contact for men who accepted her help in Ministry and in knowing God for themselves. An example compiled with many others in showing the importance and value of "humanity"

My Ministry started out as a desire to help women in need and grew as other women became a part of the story in being a "sisters keeper". October 9th, 2005 was our first gathering of a prayer breakfast which concluded in my birthday celebration, which birthed "Our Sisters Keeper" The Ministry. The organization was forming as we assisted in providing clothing, prayer, and encouragement in every way we could, periodic meetings with a yearly anniversary to commemorate, that we are "our sisters' keeper" and our brother's helper!. Men became a part of the gathering in October of 2008. The Business side is Our Sisters Incorporated, an idea and way to help with business and or ministry needs and serves as a way for people to start a new chapter in life or refresh on much-needed skills to stay marketable in the ever-changing world we live in. Some of what we provide consists of training in areas "but not limited to" Health, hair, Barbering, customer service, Consulting for Business start-ups and expansions to name a few.

We have only just begun and will continue to follow in the footsteps given us by our heavenly father!

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